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Trusted by Many Students

Trusted by Many Students

About FORnSEC Solutions

Welcome to FORnSEC Solutions

Amidst the COVID-19 situation almost everyone has been going online , students are learning online , teachers are teaching online , and employees are working from home .

Although most of the students are not getting much practical exposure, so for this we have come up with a solution where teachers can create exercises for the students to solve in a live practical environment , where the students will get the experience of working in a Live LAB.

Virtual lab is a platform where you learn and build your skills virtually. This platform provides a bootstrap framework for computer security , computer forensic and other IT fields. With this platform one can create his own exercises for the students and students can solve them

Three training delivery methods are utilizes within the range framework to drive Cyber defender proficiency :

List of Domains Suitable For !

Cyber Security.

Digital forensics.


Compliance Audit

API Testing

Cyber law

Security auditing.

Cyber crime investigation.

Programming and development.

Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Learning from Virtual LAB

Low cost

No investment in expensive hardware, software, licenses or subscription model.


Our virtual lab can scale vertically and horizontally with today’s growing network traffic volume.

Real Time

Everyone gain real time crisis management skills and be confident that our people will know what to do.

Up to Date

We are up to date against the latest attacks.

Easy & flexible

Our technology makes it easy to create and deploy multiple threat patterns and scenarios, at the push of a button

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How Virtual lab works ?

Our virtual-lab services are enabling you to do all of the following from a dedicated environment within your own organization, whenever you want.

Trusted by Many Students


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Companies and institutions that are looking for better training to their IT security staff and IT related students of any institute can now come into ‘FORnSEC Solutions’ expertise and skills with ‘virtual lab’ Security training platform. Our platform can also be used for testing and validating large-scale IT security solutions in virtual environment systems.

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    This platform offers opportunities to Expert:

    1. Detection of cyber attack early.
    2. Cyber incident response and investigation protocols.
    3. Real-time cyber security defense strategies.

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